Blinds can add to the overall ambience of the house. Blinds also add grace to your doors and windows. D’Decor hosts an extensive collection of blinds online on the D’Decor website, making it easier for you to pick the ideal one for you according to your needs. Select blinds that match your personality or the one that matches your home. From basic solids to textured and more elaborately printed in floral, abstract, geometric, striped and more, we have got it all covered. With three categories of transparency to select from that control the amount of light blocked, you have a wide variety to choose from. Blackout blinds block hundred percent light and are perfect for creating the same effect as night during the day.
Dimout blinds block eighty per cent of light giving you a hint of sunlight while standard shading blinds block sixty per cent of light thereby dimming the intensity of light yet allowing natural radiance in the room. D’Decor offers blinds in several materials, be it pure fabric like cotton, polyester or their blend. Pure flax, paper and polyester blend, PVC and polyester, 3 ply vinyl with one-ply fibreglass, Pty with polypro are some other materials available.
Find the type of blinds that suits your style-be it standard roller type, Venetian or Cladded ones. Experiment with Romex or vertical blinds for modern contemporary home decor. Panel blinds provide an innovative approach to shading, especially for larger windows and doors. They work wonderfully in modern as well as classic homes. You can customise your window blinds and explore options online according to your specifications, or you can visit our nearest store. D’Decor aspires to make your shopping experience smooth to buy from the best set of blinds in India.